Inclusion of people with disabilities in nature, became an issue of great importance for intellectual improvement, health, motor, affective, creativity, etc.

The creation of the "Orchids" Botanical Garden using components such as culture, biological, forestry, today allows us to investigate a methodology for linking disable people in nature.

Have at home two special people, my son Darwin and Carlita my daugther helps us to understand the needs of each, and how to overcome limitations helping with different contents of nature.

These experiences and positive results need to be applied with other disabled people and we feel the need for an accessible space and nature, so in 2000 begins to adapt the land and design an accessible park for disabled and old people, and also plant proper nature for this purpose. In 2014 with the invaluable help of Mrs. Hannelore Seebass, and her husband Dr. Ernesto Seebass and the German Foundation “Ayuda Concreta para el Ecuador”, accessible trails and rest areas are built, to socialize this issue since last year you start sporadic invitations to groups of children from the Institute of Special Education of Puyo, this possibility of connection with nature has been well received and we had every week of the 2014-2015 school year visited by different groups of children.