"The Orchid" Botanical Garden  is located 3 km south-east of the Puyo city, off the highway towards Macas, on the road to San Jacinto, in Los Angeles neighborhood.

¿Getting there?

  • By car: From the city of Puyo, drive towards Macas for 1.5 km, shortly after the fire station turn right in the barrio La Merced, follow this road for 1 km until you reach the barrio Los Angeles and follow the signs for "Jardin Botanico las Orquideas". 

  • By Taxi: The taxi rate is $ 3.

  • By Bus: From downtown Puyo, catch bus #2 from the front of the Cooperative Bank San Francisco, located on the corner of streets Atahualpa and 27 of February. The ride costs $0.25 and will take about 20 minutes. Buses run four times an hour.