Without considering the time and effort, owner acquires land that was cover with grass to build a Rescue Center of the Amazonian Flora, with the possibility to rescue mainly flora species that are threatened and endangered, thinking about the animals that arrive as a result of each specie of flora recovered, the process by which it formed a model of conservation.

While disappears the grass and plant another species, observed that the land does not allowed to grow, because there was only clay (mud), characteristic of much of the Amazon basin. After several studies and trials, decided to restore the topsoil with organic waste such as sawdust, bagasse and chicken manure, getting a fertile soil that allowed to grow species planted in this place.

In an area of ​​6.75 hectares is possible to feel, admire and find the most diversity of  Ecuador's amazonian flora, such as timber trees, orchids, medicinal plants, edible plants, ornamental and some species that are used for crafts by different nationalities.

Since 1980, rescues plants in different places of the Amazon Region, looking for forest already destroyed by timber activities, rescuing plants that surely would have died.

As a result to have created a small ecosystem with this special flora, was achieved the restoration of the food chain with great diversity of animals, which find into this space its favorite place to eat, visit and some of them to live. Also see the strengthening and creation of wetland, being habitats for different aquatic species.

We expected to reach different communities that are interested to create or maintain natural environments with native species, and get agreements with universities, which can contribute to achieve this objectives, in this garden that is the model of conservation, as elsewhere interested to replicate this experience.