¿Who are we?

The Botanical Garden is a private organization (family organization), responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating strategies, guidelines and actions to consolidate a culture of respect for the natural environment, contributing to the defense and protection of environment through scientific research for the amazonian flora and fauna.

It is the product of the idea that emerged in 1980 in Puyo city; it has become one of the most important tourist attractions of the country for its scientific, environmental and cultural content, it is a initiative from Mr. Omar Tello and unconditional support of his family.

  • Mission

The Rescue Center of the  Amazonian Flora, "The Orchids" Botanical Garden, is a model of environmental conservation, dedicated to ecosystem restoration in degraded areas, becoming a stage mainly for preservation and conservation of environment through scientific research, environmental education and tourism, being also a recreational alternative for humanity.

  • Vision

Establish the Rescue Center of the Amazonian Flora, "The Orchids" Botanical Garden in Environmental Education Center, being the benchmark for research on ecosystem restoration, linking to educational institutions and community centers to achieve the reproduction of experiences gained during the process training and achieve sustainability through proper utilization of the resources generated by this reserve.