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Building a park for disabled and old people


Inclusion of people with disabilities in nature, became an issue of great importance for intellectual improvement, health, motor, affective, creativity, etc., The creation of the "Orchids" Botanical Garden using components such as culture, biological, forestry, today allows us to investigate a methodology for linking disable people in nature.

Restaurant's Construction and Equipping


We extend a deep gratitude to the German Corporation for the support to complete the construction and equipping of the restaurant, a necessary infrastructure to the rescue, training and preparing meals using products from the Amazon with excellent nutritional and medicinal properties.

While, implicate families intensify their cultive of native products, we prepare meals by reservation for groups of visitors which can tasted unique flavors of the Amazon.

Classroom Inauguration


The classroom from "The Orchids" Botanical Garden was inaugurated with the valuable support and funding from Dr. Ernesto Seebass, Mrs. Hannelore Seebass and Concrete help for Ecuador Foundation; event attended by authorities of the Pastaza province, collaborators and friends who support the mission of the Garden.

During this event, people congratulated the owners and decided to support and take part in the labor of the Garden for the favorable outcomes for the environment and culture.

Inauguration of the Interpretive Museum "Hannelore Seebass"


The Interpretive Museum  "Hannelore Seebass" was inaugurated in the "The Orchids" Botanical Garden with the valuable support of Dr. Ernesto Seebass, Mrs. Hannelore Seebass and Concrete Help for Ecuador Foundation, in which there are some entomological frames and pictures of the first 30 years of research concerning the formation of the food chain.